Get a Business Consultant

We can save you money

While you most likely have an accountant who handles your taxes and financial paperwork, chances are they are not providing you with specific (financial) business advice. We will work with you to increase your business performance and productivity, assist you in organizational management and advice you on employer performance tracking.  In doing so, you effectively increase the value of your company.

We are here when you need us

You may not need our business experts on a daily basis. However, you can reach out to them when you do need help with a particular problem or issue. Working with our business experts long term allows them to familiarize themselves with your business. That way we can build an excellent working relationship.

We do long-term planning 

Your personal goals are often tied to your business goals. In order to retire, you need an exit strategy. Our business experts can help you develop plans making sure you and your business will be prepared for future success.

We find the right working balance

At the Bureau, one of our goals is to help you develop a work/life balance that keeps you happy and healthy. Those who have the opportunity to spend more down time or be with their families are more productive at work. Our business experts work with you to determine how to reduce your workload and free up more personal time.

For who?

Our business experts are experienced community (and business) leaders who have the knowledge and skills needed to develop a winning strategy for all size businesses. So, if you have a tough challenge that you need to address or you want to create a more productive environment for yourself and your employees or simply want a sounding board to bounce your ideas off of, then the Bureau is the right choice for you.

Free consultation

Give your business a competitive edge and experience the unexpected difference. Call us for a free consultation on 0031 24 679 2804.